We are pleased to be working with McKenzie River Trust on 'The Living River,'…

  • About Us

    A creative agency committed to branding experiences, capturing personality, promoting transparency, and supporting sustainable practices.

    Welcome to Treemen Design. In 2000 we opened our doors and went looking for some quality companies wanting to build strong and transparent brands. And because we’ve never been very good with self-promotion, this site is intended to show some of the results from this past decade more than tell about them. So welcome to our visual introduction—and if you would like to extend the conversation, we would enjoy hearing from you.

    About Us ImageBryan Taylor
    Creative Director

  • Capabilities

    While we cannot leap over tall buildings or pull rabbits from a hat, we are fairly good at branding experiences. We have chosen to brand experiences rather than just design websites or logos because we are convinced that a brand is worth more than the sum of its parts. We start by working to understand your company’s personality, use that to develop a differentiating strategy, and then brand an authentic and collective experience throughout your branded deliverables.

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  • Transparent Branding

    There are two approaches to branding: shift your marketing to the changing appeals of consumers in search of quick sales —or— transparently present your heart and soul in search of a loyal audience that will reward your authenticity. It is the latter approach that we fiercely advocate, both for the good of your organization and to help us enjoy a good night’s sleep.

    Brand Personality

    As much as we like to dive right into design, we instead take time to listen to you first. We want to hear about your history, ambitions, and differentiation to help us draft a Brand Personality: our concise summary of your brand ethos, goals, and values. We then post this Personality on the wall and make it the target of every visual effort from that day forward. This process helps us craft an authentic presentation that truly captures the spirit of your organization.

    Brand Strategy

    We know branding, and you know your business. A long time ago we chose to become branding experts rather than master a single medium or industry, like brochures or insurance companies. We instead rely on you to be the experts in your fields and combine our collective strengths to draft a Brand Strategy that will maximize your market position, business plans, and competitive advantages.

  • Fitting Chart:

    We May Be
    A Good Fit If You...
    We're Deffinitely
    A Bad Fit If You...
    appreciate words like cohesive, detail, resilient, clever, substantial appreciate words like imitation, quick, easy, pretense, blast
    are looking to build lasting value are going to ask us to “whip it up”
    are willing to listen to new ideas are determined to use teal & salmon
    find logic, reason, & discernment to be valuable exercises are prone to making impulsive and hasty decisions
    agree that sliced bread is a fairly low bar for creative ideas feel like you’re in a league of your own when you step up to the plate
    applaud charitable actions sell! sell! sell!
  • Environmental Sensibility

    Enviornmental Sesnibility

    Rather than touting a dozen certifications and claiming to be ABC-this and XYZ-that, we instead simply try to be sensible in our position toward the environment—in the materials that we spec and the business we conduct.

    Treemen Design has always been committed to practicing sensibility when it comes to business, which is why we have long been advocates of brand transparency—the process of visually communicating the genuine mission and persona of a given company. We’re committed to transparent branding because it is the right thing to do and because it will ultimately translate into fierce, long-term brand loyalty for our clients.

    It was this dedication to transparency that coincidentally attracted a handful of clients from sustainably-driven businesses—an organic winery, a provider of sustainable solutions, a health-centric pharmacy, a line of natural fertilizers, an alternative fuel supplier. With these green-bent partners, and handfuls of others sharing similar commitments, we have tried to practice environmental sensibility in the way we approach the brands we help build.

  • Latest Work

    Sea Fare Pacific

    For the past year we have helped a small enterprise in Coos Bay launch a line of high-quality tuna products in a pouch. From naming Sea Fare Pacific to the development of the packages you can now find in grocery stores along the West coast, we are proud to be part of this promising start-up.

  • Love Food

    To help the City of Eugene launch their commercial restaurant composting program, we branded the new "Love Food Not Waste" campaign. Look around town for the results.

  • EWEB Centennial

    In honor of EWEB's 100 years of service to Eugene, Oakshire Brewing is crafting three Reserve beers: GreenPower Pale Ale on July 26, LandTrust Lager in September, and Skookumchuck Wild Ale in November. All proceeds will benefit the Berggren Demonstration Farm, whose goal is promote sustainable farming along the McKenzie watershed. See the ad in today's RG.

    King Estate Tower Club Package Box
  • NxNW Horse Heaven Hills

    A new NxNW Riesling from Washington's Horse Heaven Hills. Light and crisp with hints of Treemen Design.

  • Bambini re-branded

    The boutique children's store turned to Treemen to help re-brand their identity and store front. The updated brand now matches the retailer's new focus as a higher-end goods and their partnership with the Tea clothing brand.

  • Oakshire Sprinter

    Sprinting around the NW you will now find another addition to the Oakshire delivery fleet. Wave a hello and then follow the van to one of the many establishments pouring these pints of pure perfection.

    Oakshire Sprinter Delivery Wrap Graphics
  • The humble brewers at Oakshire first sold their craft ales under the name Willamette Brewery, but a change of name was required in 2007. Since then, we have partnered with Oakshire to develop a lasting brand that represents the quality and craftsmanship found in their fine beverages.

    “Treemen Design worked tirelessly to understand and articulate our company’s personality, values and goals before developing a truly authentic brand for our artisan beer. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”Jeff Althouse, Co-Founder, Oakshire Brewing

    Oakshire brand mark
  • Oakshire Packaging
  • Oakshire Styles
  • Name Changing Party

    To kick off the new Oakshire name and brand, we pulled together a party for vendors and supporters with a telegram invitation and branded pieces of the brewery history on posters and coasters.

    Oakshire rebrand party
  • Oakshire Poster 1 Oakshire Poster 2 Oakshire Poster 3
  • A strong partnership has existed between Rexius and Treemen for more than a decade now, including a complete re-branding of the company, plus the development of several new brands under the Rexius umbrella like Garden Valley Organics and CAS Slingers.

    “What I value most is the relationship we have built with Treemen over the many years they have worked on our behalf. They have made a big difference in the success of our business and the clarity of our focus.”Dan Sutton, Senior VP, Rexius

  • Rexius collateral
  • Rexius vertical 1 Rexius vertical 2 Rexius vertical 3
  • As Oregon’s largest wine producer, King Estate is well decorated for their award-winning wines, their certified organic estate, and their top-tier restaurant. We have been honored to work with King Estate for more than five years to capture the spirit of the winery in collateral, packaging, and online communications.

    “Treemen Design has been thorough, innovative, and effective in their work for King Estate.”Ed King III, Co-Founder & CEO, King Estate

    King Estate logo
  • King Estate packaging
  • King Estate map
  • King Estate flyer King Estate King Estate
  • Chicago-based Heartland Fuel is an emerging business venture that seeks to reinvent how we experience re-fueling, which is why they turned to Treemen for help. In addition to substituting gasoline for ethanol and biodiesel, Heartland is seeking ways to address the health of both the individual and their living environment.

    “Treemen Design is, hands-down, the best creative firm I’ve ever encountered.”Ben Ponder, Managing Director, Heartland Fuel

    Heartland Fuel brand mark
  • Heartland Fuel sketches
  • Heartland Fuel interior
  • Heartland Fuel interior Heartland Fuel wallpaper Heartland Fuel watercolor
  • Heartland Fuel exterior
  • A change in ownership at QSL brought in Treemen to create a new website that would utilize the printer’s emerging technologies. First we shored up the QSL brand with a re-developed brand mark, communications, photography, and signage before moving into the web development that features online ordering.

    “We chose Treemen Design because of their expertise and creativity. ”Doug Koke, Owner, QSL Print Communications

  • QSL On Demand

    Central to QSL’s re-brand was the development of a website that better represented their brand’s personality and allowed them to take advantage of all of the technological opportunities in which they had invested. See for yourself: qslprinting.com

    QSL Web
  • QSL Press QSL Doug Koke QSL Pressman
  • Identity

    Like so many things in life, a brand should be built upon a solid foundation—beginning with strong brand mark that strikes an enduring first impression, as well as reinforcing materials for all of those impressions soon to follow.

    Heartland Fuel
  • Brand marks
  • Catalyst
  • Brand marks
  • McKenzie Epic River Ridge
  • Collateral

    Technology has slowed our dependence on the printing press, and yet it has also made printing smarter and more targeted. Digital and variable printing can stretch your marketing dollars for those pieces that just feel much better in the hand than on a screen.

  • Chvatal Blue Tower Sola
  • NCU Sierra Campus Life
  • Blue Mountain
  • Packaging

    The perfect package is a simple blend of design, demographics, and distribution. Designing a package that connects with the right demographic and has in mind the challenges of distribution is a challenge, but one we thoroughly enjoy.

    Garden Valley
  • Oakshire Packaging
  • King Estate packaging
  • SeQuential

    Making use of Obama’s inauguration, SeQuential asked Treemen to help brand their “Driving for Change” campaign. SeQuential provided local charities with opportunities to redeem receipts for cash back to aid their philanthropic efforts.

    SeQuential packaging
  • Environments

    While the global environment is the physical space in which we live, the term “brand environments” refers to those built-out spaces that personify a brand: restaurants, retail spaces, and even office environments.

    Vanilla Jills
  • Heartland Fuel
  • Jones & Roth
  • Thorek
  • Catalyst


  • 9.4.12

    We are pleased to be working with McKenzie River Trust on 'The Living River,' an annual benefit for MRT.

    This year’s medium is a Film Festival, showcasing a dozen films that are either about or were filmed here in Oregon.  Friday night at the Wildish Theatre, films all day Saturday at the Bijou, and family festivities (including tree climbing) at the EWEB plaza on Sunday.  Learn more at http://mckenzieriver.org/events/the-living-river/

  • 5.17.11

    The re-naming of a motion storyteller: Treemen Design helps launch Moetic Wedding Films.

    Formerly known as Vivid Wedding Films, some changes to the business prompted the principals at Vivid to seek out Treemen Design for a new brand.  The results included a new name—Moetic Wedding Films—to better align with their artistic ability to capture motion-based stories for their brides and grooms, as well as a new brand mark to represent their agency.  Their clients have offered rave reviews.  Visit moeticweddingfilms.com to see for yourself.

  • 3.6.11

    Fisherman Select tuna coming to a gourmet grocer near you (in a few months)

    Treemen Design will be working with Fisherman Select, a new seafood venture based in Coos Bay, OR, to package a line of 4 tuna products.  These line-caught tuna products will hit the shelves with one of four simple flavors added to this sustainably-harvested, once-cooked fish.  And while there are many high-quality tuna products caught, packaged, and sold right here in the Pacific Northwest, none come in a pouch.  With a smaller environmental footprint, pouches are become sought-after by heath-centric grocers looking to offer more sustainable goods to their customers.  So look out this summer for Fisherman Select tuna at a grocer near you.

  • 10.13.10

    Treemen partners with the Relief Nursery to promote the 15th Annual Great Taste Event

    The Relief Nursery will again be partnering with Market of Choice and other local sponsors to put on the 15th Annual Great Taste on December 2nd - an evening of wines and cheeses, beer tasting, coffee, fine chocolate, and live music.  This will be the first (of hopefully many) campaigns that Treemen will brand to help draw attention to the Relief Nursery’s great contribution to this community.  Go to reliefnursery.org to learn more.

  • 8.24.10

    See the new menus as you sample exceptional cuisine at King Estate Winery

    If you didn’t already have enough reason to spend an afternoon on King Estate’s restaurant patio, now you can see some of Treemen’s latest work.  The new menu system pairs well with King Estate’s exceptional food and wines, helping make your selections for brunch, lunch, or dinner all the more difficult.

  • 4.5.10

    We launched a new website QSL Print Communications this week—qslprinting.com. Good people, good printer, and hopefully an equally good site.

    As the culmination of a re-branding effort, QSL’s new site offers customers personal and technological opportunities.  Photographs of sales reps., staff, and pressmen and women help maintain the old way of handshake business that has earned QSL a sterling reputation.  Now customers will be able to carry those personal relationships into the website that offers online estimating and project uploading.

  • 3.29.10

    Treemen-flavored frozen yogurt coming to Eugene this week. Look for the new Vanilla Jill’s in the Coburg Station next to Chipotlé.

    Eugene now has its own storefront for local, handmade, organic frozen yogurt.  Utilizing nearby Nancy’s Yogurt, offering seasonal flavors like “Fresh Carrot Cinnamon,”  and offering sweet alternatives for diabetics, how can you resist Vanilla Jill’s?  Stop by and read Jill’s story, order a “Grandpa Frank,” and see how Treemen helped shape the new frozen yogurt shop.

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